Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer in Agoura Hills

What are you doing to make summer special? Commencing the summer season is all about longer days and warmer evenings, meaning you can spread out your fun

Of course, there’s the outdoor bar-b-q. Make yours healthy with grilled veggies or fish. Or try a veggie burger!

Beach going, or heading pool side? Stock up on that sunscreen, and don’t forget a hat. The sun is fun - and a great source of Vitamin D, but overexposure and sunburn can be painful later. There’s a whole new easy era of sun protection out there - check out the new beach umbrellas that allow you to twist them easily into the sand, no more digging and hoping the wind won’t carry your handiwork away. By the pool, portable umbrellas can be clipped to loungers or tables to get any needed shade.

And don’t forget exercise! Get outdoors when you can. Take a swim or an evening run instead of staying on that treadmill at the gym. This is the time to take on a new activity, whether it’s early morning tennis or weekend golf. Or maybe just a game of Frisbee in your backyard or local park.

Home is where the heart and the summertime fun is - so get your house ready for the season. Maybe you need a new ceiling fan to cool your halls, or you have an air conditioner that needs servicing. With all the summer entertaining you’re sure to do, check your drains - sun screen or sand can clog your shower; grease from your grill become a hazard for your sink.

And what about vacation time? Are you traveling or staying at home? Whichever you have in mind, whether you’re taking a trip to an exotic beach front or a family drive to Yosemite, map out some time for just plain relaxing. And if you’re staying in town, don’t be shy - check out community classes, art galleries, the local music scene right here in Agoura Hills.


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