Monday, July 28, 2014

Finding a Licensed Electrician in Agoura Hills

If you need help with installation, repair, or upgrading of the wiring in your home, where do you start? At Agoura Hills Choice Plumbing we believe that finding the best licensed electrician in Agoura Hills, CA is an important first step, whether you need to fix a faulty outlet or handle any electrical repair, house rewiring, or the installation of electrical panels.

The electrical contractor you choose should be skilled at major electrical tasks, such as wiring home upgrades, and be available for residential emergency services seven days a week, at any time in a 24 hour day. After all, electrical emergencies don’t just happen during business hours on weekdays.

Whatever type of electrical work you need, you need reliable service - electrical repairs and additions are not something to tackle on your own. However, it’s important to find an electrician that’s locally based so you’re not wasting time or spending money on travel charges. Ask questions to ascertain your electrician’s skills and comfort level with not only repairs but the installation of cost saving electrical fixtures such as motion detector switches, accent lighting, installation of major appliances, and if necessary, rewiring your home.

If you are thinking about rewiring, whether to update an older home or repair damaged wiring, the electrician you choose should be able to discuss material costs - copper wiring can be quite expensive - as well as the process of rewiring. Although rewiring isn’t something to be undertaken lightly, it’s often a necessity that will help your home operate more smoothly, and accommodate appliances, computers, home video systems and the like. Older wiring systems are often not built to handle today’s conveniences, and just using them can tax your system to the breaking point.

Finding the right professional to work with  you on any project - whether it’s a major task such as upgrading the wiring in your home, or a quick solution to a broken fixture, or trouble-shooting an outage in your residence - means peace of mind when it comes to the type of project that it’s best not to do yourself!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Using a Video Camera Inspection in Agoura Hills for Sewer and Drain Lines

Getting a regular sewer line inspection, and drain lines examined is an easy form of preventive maintenance and trouble shooting. Using electronic leak detection will help you watch for plumbing problems of all kinds. Early detection is key to home maintenance. Preventing problems or addressing them quickly means putting a stop to damage to your home and finances.

Using a video camera inspection in Agoura Hills is a sound plan to examine your sewer and drain lines. An inspection provides an accurate view of the condition of your plumbing. Even small issues can be seen, such as rusted patches or waste build up. How are such detailed images possible? Video inspection uses a very small and unobtrusive camera. It’s inserted down your branch lines - the pipes leading from your bathtubs and faucets to your home’s sewer line; or down your home’s sewer line, leading from your home to the sewer line on the street. Video cameras are waterproof, suspended on a flexible rod, and able to fit pipes in a variety of sizes from two inches to thirty six inches. Images can be saved, too. Comparing past and current images can be important.

Video inspection provides accurate pinpointing of trouble spots, which means a fast solution to your plumbing problems. The camera inspection can reveal issues such as tree root intrusion and pipe breakage, cracks, corrosion, or identify the exact location of leaks and clogs. Whether used to address specific problems or for preventive maintenance, inspections are thorough and fast. And speed is of the essence: if you find a needed repair early, options are available to handle even major issues, such as trenchless sewer line repairs. Let the camera travel where you can’t - and use the technology of a skilled video inspection, today.